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XProtect Essential+ supports up to 8 cameras and is the perfect match for the smaller business owner who wants basic video surveillance to protect employees and assets. With the ability to integrate other business systems and applications and anytime, anywhere system access, XProtect Essential+ is the most featurerich, free VMS available on the market.

Milestone X Protect Essential+ VMS

SKU: 0009
  • Why XProtect Essential+?
    You should choose XProtect Essential+ if:
    • You want a fully-functional VMS at no cost.
    • You want to start with the free product and upgrade easily as your needs change.
    • You want a system that works with any camera.
    • You are a developer, and you want to develop a solution for XProtect.
    XProtect Essential+ benefits
    • Use the software in your own language.
    • Investigate incidents quickly and get back to your daily work.
    • Share video easily and securely. Share video safely and securely Video is often the best witness, and with XProtect Essential+ it’s easy for you to share video files with colleagues or external parties.
    • Share video evidence with the built-in video player.
    • Export video files in JPEG, MKV and AVI formats.
    • Password-protect video files to ensure only authorized users can view it.

  • This is a free product. No returns are possible only upgrades

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