IP camera software Luxriot Evo, a Complimentary Edition

Luxriot Evo is an IP camera software complimentary version of the new-generation Luxriot Video Management System software delivering an outstanding quality performance, this security and video IP camera software and surveillance system supports over 4000 cameras from major producers and is ideal for use in homes or small offices with surveillance networks of nine cameras or fewer. 
The meticulously designed interface will allow any user to quickly understand the whole process of configuration and start using the Video Management System software.

Luxriot Evo is a free product up to 9 Cameras without support, and so it does not fall under Luxriot technical support services and has a much shorter list of components.

Should you need a more comprehensive functional or enterprise-level video management system solutions with complete surveillance ecosystem, please refer to more advanced versions of the software — Luxriot Evo S and Luxriot Evo Global.



Luxriot EVO

  • Latest Version of Luxriot EVO

    Runs on Windows 7 or newer.

  • This is a non refundable purchase once the licence has been activated. It can be moved from one PC to another in the event you need to upgrade PC.